Quick glitter cleanup with a lint roller

Amazon: Glitter Multipack Glitter is one of those lovely-but-infuriating substances that seems to want to spill all over the table and the floor. Here's how Mikaela makes short work of cleaning it up:

Just discovered this site thanks to a fellow mama. She suggested I share my glitter cleanup tip: Use a lint roller on tables, clothes, and hands to clean up glitter. You can fold the sheet you pull off and run it along little cracks in tables, grout, and chairs, too!

Say it with me: why didn't I think of this?

(Mikaela posted this hack on the wall of the Parent Hacks Facebook page. Great place to swap suggestions and chat with other Parenthackers. Come on down!)

How do you minimize glitter spillage? Or simplify cleaning it up? Or do you avoid it altogether?


  1. Karen N. says

    You can roll playdoh (we make big batches of our own that last forever) all over your glitter-covered table – all the glitter sticks to the ball and makes the playdoh sparkly. You can then keep using the glittery playdoh – it works just fine. Fun!