No closet in baby’s room? Hack an IKEA Expedit bookshelf.

IKEA Expedit bookshelf as baby clothing closet

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This IKEA Expedit bookshelf hack is brilliant and totally doable. Read the original post at IKEA Hackers for details.

This would also be a good solution for storing dress-up clothes assuming the bar's lower and the shelf is bolted to the wall.

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    Very cool! Just be sure to anchor each unit to the wall. Aside from the top unit vibrating off (I live in earthquake country, so think about such things), toys on the shelf make for a tempting climb.

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    I think is such a great idea. I’ve seen it executed in a variety of different ways including using these bookshelves for extra closet space in a spare bedroom. I personally used this idea to create a neat and organized space for my shoe collection.

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    First, I put the kids in front of the TV. Nothing else keeps them in one spot like the television.

    Next, I turn on every room light. Once all the lights are on, I do a thorough room-by-room search for a stuff.

    When a room is clear, I turn out the light and close the door.

    Once all the lights are out and doors are closed, I know I’ve hit every space. Now, if something doesn’t make it home with us, it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

    If your kids are old enough, I would add a step before the room-by-room inspection: have them pack their suitcases, or at least gather their stuff into a single corner. My motto: “always better when several brains work on a problem.”

    Do you have a system for packing up at the end of a vacation?