15 February 2011

Take notes in the shower with bathtub crayon

Amazon: Crayola bathtub crayons Who's turn is it to shower? Is it hair-washing day? What day is it anyway?

Busy family life entails a lot of plan-juggling, turn-taking, and scheduling, and it's impossible to keep it all in your head. If creating a "shower schedule" calendar in your smartphone seems a bit much, try this low-tech solution, from Rachel (who came up with this tip for herself, but I think is useful for the whole family):

I only shampoo my hair every other day, but I can't always remember if I washed my hair yesterday or the day before.  (Days seem WAY longer than 24 hours with two small kids and a full-time job.)  So, instead of standing in the shower every morning, trying to remember whether this is the on-day or the off-day, I keep one of my kids' bathtub crayons in my shower.  I write on the wall what day it is, each day when I wash my hair.  Then, when I get in the next morning, all I have to remember if what the day of the week is.  If it's been two days since the day on the wall, it's a washing day.  The crayons wash off with soap, so I just update the day of the week if I washed my hair that day.

Bonus: I can leave love notes for my sweetie with the crayon!

Another idea: If, while you're showering, you have a brilliant idea or sudden memory of something you need to do, make note of it with a bath crayon. Sometimes ten minutes in the shower is the only time alone you get all day. My brain tends to rev up during those moments, and this is a way to do something about it.

Related: How do you remember the out-the-door details? Talk amongst yourselves.

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Great idea!

Just a warning, we've had problems with these crayons staining our white grout. Comes of the tile fine, though.

Hey its really wonderful idea, I really glad on your great job, very inspiration blog you have to done, thanks.

Really very wonderful and innovative idea. I am really impress with your job. I find reading your blog very interesting. Thanks for sharing these ideas with us!

Excellent idea. Instead of position in the bath every day, trying to consider whether this is the on-day or the off-day, I keep one of my children's bath colors in my bath.

Really great ideas represented here. It is very knowledgeable for children's. Thanks for giving best stuff.

That's seems a great post on the Bathtub crayon. I always like to do making a good thing...

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