Amazon deal: Children’s safety vest 90% off

Amazon: Children's Safety Vest It's not that every kid needs a reflective safety vest (can I have an "amen," Lenore?). But at this price, I can think of a number of times they could come in handy:

  • Auto emergency kit: Your car breaks down at dusk and you and the kids have to walk along the side of a busy road.
  • Camping: The kids are using the campground road as their own personal bicycle speedway.
  • Bike safety: Your kid has a long bike commute to school.
  • Your family's bikes are your main mode of transportation (true for many in Portland).
  • Halloween: Your rambuctious toddler wants to be a highway construction engineer or bumblebee for Halloween. (Hey, it could happen. It wouldn't be the worst thing if your kid were super-visible at night.)

At Amazon: Children's V-Shaped Safety vest 90% off ($1.99; eligible for free Super Saver shipping).

Price good until 2/11/11 (or earlier if Amazon runs out).


  1. Heidi says

    Can think of lots of cool things for this. But am very curious as to why it’s paired with a giant box of Ritz crackers? :-)

  2. says

    Well THAT’S obvious. Ritz crackers will still be edible in 2099, so are also a good addition to your emergency kit.

    Safety vests and Ritz Crackers. Like peanut butter and chocolate.