Reduce hair combing drama with distraction

Create a portable hair styling tote

Few long-haired kids or their parents enjoy the daily hair-wrangling session. To calm the complaints (and even the tears), several PHers have come up with simple methods of distraction. From Mrs. Mordecai: I have a very squirmy twenty-month-old daughter. I grouped all of our commonly-used hair accessories (including small bottles of water, hair spray, and […]

Keep hair clips organized in magnetic spice canisters

Store hair accessories in magnetic canisters

Heather has found a solution to hair accessories scattered around the house: Hair clips and bands were constantly being lost and found at our house until I repurposed these magnetic containers. I think technically they’re spice containers, but really, they’re great for holding just about anything small. I found them for $2 each at my […]

Clean up spilled glitter with play dough

Amazon: Kids' Eco Dough

This glitter cleanup tip leaves you with a bonus: sparkly play dough! From Karen on the Parent Hacks Facebook page: You can roll play dough all over your glitter-covered table — all the glitter sticks to the dough and makes it sparkly. You can then keep using the glittery play dough – it works just […]

Parent Hacks honored in the Say100

Picture 9

Wow. Thanks to a tweet from @chookooloonks, I discovered that Parent Hacks is one of ten parenting sites chosen as part of the Say100, a curated list of "voices that matter." Top-ten lists and "best of" contests have their limits. But, subjective as they are, they also help identify interesting outposts in the crowded landscape […]

Quick glitter cleanup with a lint roller

Amazon: Glitter Multipack

Glitter is one of those lovely-but-infuriating substances that seems to want to spill all over the table and the floor. Here's how Mikaela makes short work of cleaning it up: Just discovered this site thanks to a fellow mama. She suggested I share my glitter cleanup tip: Use a lint roller on tables, clothes, and […]