Amazon today only: Lorex LIVE video baby monitor 75% off

Amazon: Lorex LIVE video baby monitor Video baby monitor? Really? This sounds like a setup for one of my rants about baby gear you don't really need. And you don't, in my opinion, really need this product. But if you're one of those parents who would rest easier every night with a video monitor sitting on your nightstand, I say go for it.

I've come to respect the importance of honoring your unique comfort level, especially when you're a new parent. When it comes to a family's rest, lowering stress is a big priority. Our neighbors have one of these monitors, and it allowed them, last summer, to relax on their front porch in the evenings while their newborn twins slept. These are first-time parents. Of twins. They need every bit of comfort they can get.

At Amazon today only, the Lorex LIVE video baby monitor is 75% off: list price (gulp) $299.99, today selling for $99.99.

Discount ends 1/24/11.

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  1. Rick says

    Our old monitor is dying so I had to jump on this deal. Just got it today. So far it is awful. Fancy but crappy. I want to return it and get something that is more baby monitor and less digital camera.

  2. K.C. says

    Didn’t need a video monitor for the babies, but I sure can see a need for using it to monitor the toddlers!

  3. Jen says

    Exactly, K.C. — I like being able to check if she’s still in her bed or not without opening the door.