Easy, lovely rosebud valentines

Boston Mamas: Rosebud valentines

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With all the extra time you've got lying around (because you're starting your Valentines early) you and your kids can make one or more of these adorable and easy Rosebud Valentines. Christine's daughter made them last year, and they're lovely. Too time-consuming for all the classmates, perhaps, but perfect for the teacher or a special sweetheart!

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  1. Lin says

    oh wow I remember doing that in school ages ago. . . back in the day when you made your own valentine boxes and brought them into school.Fun times!

  2. says

    My daughter loves doing tissue paper art like this but always ends up with more glue on her fingers than the paper. I had forgotten about using the end of a pencil – great reminder! Thanks. I think we’ll make a few of these for her little besties too!

  3. Kat says

    AW! This is such a cute Valentine idea! I love the arts and crafts projects that my daughter brings home from school and I can’t wait to try this one at home with her. I recently got her a crayon bag from AnnaBean (http://www.annabean.com/) so she can feel like a little artist when she’s coloring or doing homework. Plus it’s a great healthy (no chocolate) alternative for her to give to other kids in the class =)