Rain gutter bookshelves!

Rain gutter bookshelves

via www.2dolphins.com

In the comments of our post about using wall-mounted plastic file holders for toddler-friendly book storage, Rob shared a pointer to his homemade rain gutter bookshelves. Functional, elegant, cheap! So smart.


  1. Rob O. says

    No, the ends are capped and the edges are slightly rolled, so the vinyl gutters aren’t sharp at all. And the material is soft enough that you can easily cut them with a hacksaw or jigsaw.

  2. cdacnn says

    Hazel Stone…in the link you shared about the hazards of
    vinyl, it states that the study showed negative effects on children who “routinely mouth DINP-plasticized toys for 75 minutes/day or more.” While that is concerning, I don’t think any child would do so on a raingutter bookshelf…let’s use common sense and look at the true facts and numbers represented in studies.

  3. says

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