Homemade baby swing

Homemade baby swing_1

via www.spousonomics.com I love the swing, but I especially love the story that goes along with the swing and the phrase "deeply plastic," which I intend to coopt. Thanks for the pointer, Paula!

links for 2011-01-12

Toy Troubles: My Toddler Won’t Help Clean Up! Well-reasoned (and reasonable) advice. Pay special attention to the need for clear, explicit rules and consistent follow-through. Thanks for the heads up, Sarina! School Library Exchange: Give Your School Library a Little Love Donate books to school libraries across the country! This site collects and publicizes school […]

Painless detangling: “roll” hair instead of brushing it

Amazon: Round styling brush

Lisa tells a wonderful story about their hairbrushing-and-detangling breakthrough: Our daughter is 7 now but really it’s been probably 3-4 years that we’ve battled with the hairbrush.  One of her priorities in life is to keep her straight hair long. Of course it needs to be brushed at least once a day which is no […]

Uses for old telephone books: craft and cutting surface


Who uses a paper telephone book anymore? We don't, yet we can't seem to get our phone company to stop leaving them on our doorstep. Now that leaf-pressing season's behind us, what to do with these behemoths? Use them as a cutting surface! My daughter has taken to using a craft knife for some of […]

Turn a secondhand evening dress into a winter cape


via gogingham.com My friend Sara of Go Gingham made this elegant cape for her daughter out of a dress found in the Goodwill bin. Yes, one must sew, but it sounds pretty easy for a beginner. Lovely! If you're a secondhand shopper, I imagine January's a good month to hit the stores…savvy thrifters can make […]

A “tape trick” for keeping your kid in her room at bedtime


via www.prudentbaby.com If you spend your evenings putting your kid back to bed (because he keeps getting up for water, potty breaks, etc.) this simple "tape trick" from Jaime at the lovely site Prudent Baby might just be the ticket. Your mileage will vary (as always) based the temperament of your kid.

Thank you notes: quick ideas for kids

Amazon: Kid's Thank You Notes

It's tempting to relegate thank you notes to the dustbin of outdated ettiquette. Busy schedules + email make physical paper notes (with actual postage stamps!) seem extra inconvenient. But the lesson they teach our kids is too important to ignore — that time spent expressing gratitude is time well spent. A little forethought and a […]