Homemade baby swing

Homemade baby swing_1

via www.spousonomics.com I love the swing, but I especially love the story that goes along with the swing and the phrase "deeply plastic," which I intend to coopt. Thanks for the pointer, Paula!

links for 2011-01-12

Toy Troubles: My Toddler Won’t Help Clean Up! Well-reasoned (and reasonable) advice. Pay special attention to the need for clear, explicit rules and consistent follow-through. Thanks for the heads up, Sarina! School Library Exchange: Give Your School Library a Little Love Donate books to school libraries across the country! This site collects and publicizes school […]

Uses for old telephone books: craft and cutting surface


Who uses a paper telephone book anymore? We don't, yet we can't seem to get our phone company to stop leaving them on our doorstep. Now that leaf-pressing season's behind us, what to do with these behemoths? Use them as a cutting surface! My daughter has taken to using a craft knife for some of […]

Turn a secondhand evening dress into a winter cape


via gogingham.com My friend Sara of Go Gingham made this elegant cape for her daughter out of a dress found in the Goodwill bin. Yes, one must sew, but it sounds pretty easy for a beginner. Lovely! If you're a secondhand shopper, I imagine January's a good month to hit the stores…savvy thrifters can make […]

Thank you notes: quick ideas for kids

Amazon: Kid's Thank You Notes

It's tempting to relegate thank you notes to the dustbin of outdated ettiquette. Busy schedules + email make physical paper notes (with actual postage stamps!) seem extra inconvenient. But the lesson they teach our kids is too important to ignore — that time spent expressing gratitude is time well spent. A little forethought and a […]