12 January 2011

Homemade detangler saves money and gets the knots out just as well

Amazon: Hair Salon 16oz Designer Water Spray BottleMaggie's simple recipe for homemade detangler:

My 4-year-old daughter still has that fine, wispy, flyaway baby hair that is a nest of tangles when she wakes up in the morning.  I bought a bottle of brand-name detangler a long time ago, but have been refilling the bottle with 1/2 regular conditioner and 1/2 water ever since then.  It works really well!

We've done the same thing and can vouch for this hack!

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Totally going to try this. Laurel's fine (long) hair (that she refuses to cut) is a tangled nightmare!

Good to know. I've been thinking of doing the same thing. I bought a bottle of organic, fragrance-free detangler and it doesn't work at all. Thanks for the tip!

Good to know! My 2-year-old daughter has wild curly hair that definitely needs some help in the morning!

I got a round brush caught in my hair once (as an adult, the day after a haircut) and my mom came over to help me get it out. She rubbed conditioner in it as she worked the brush out.

My daughter has curly hair, too, and I spray her hair every morning before running through a large-toothed comb. Tangles come out, frizz contained, curls refreshed.

i use this technique for my ultra curly haired daughter to deal with her fuzzy fro look. it redefines her curls in the morning and works like a leave-in conditioner.

Do be careful about letting them use the round brush themselves. One of my daughters also got a round brush thoroughly stuck in her hair. It took me over an hour to work it out.

I have 4-year-old twin girls. One has fine wavy hair, and the other has thick, moderately curly hair. We wash and condition their hair every two days. We comb through the conditioner before we rinse. They love how smooth their hair feels when we rinse it.

At night we do a quick brush and braid. This makes a huge difference in the amount of tangles in the morning.

The other tip is to regularly trim their hair. Keeping the ends neat reduces the tangles and keeps their hair smoother.

The hack I've been waiting to read. Thanks so much from me and my abundantly curly-haired 3-year old!

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