A “tape trick” for keeping your kid in her room at bedtime


via www.prudentbaby.com

If you spend your evenings putting your kid back to bed (because he keeps getting up for water, potty breaks, etc.) this simple "tape trick" from Jaime at the lovely site Prudent Baby might just be the ticket. Your mileage will vary (as always) based the temperament of your kid.


  1. beanery says

    Thanks for the link! I was totally scratching my head, wondering how it worked. After reading about it, I think it’s absolutely genius!

  2. Wendy T. says

    We use a similar “hack” — the 3 strikes and you are out rule — 3yo son was having a tough time coping with an upcoming move and it was playing itself out with lots and lots and lots of trips out of bed. So we started the three strikes rule, he can get out of bed for ANY reason 3 times. Each time we reminded him it was his first, second or third strike. Worked like a charm and he rarely got to the third strike — thankfully we never got to the fourth because I never did figure out what the consequences would be!

  3. says

    Thanks ToryG! I always link the photo and the little tiny “via” to the original article, but I obviously didn’t make that very clear! I will do so in future. Sorry for the mixup.

  4. jillian says

    Apart from the questions around whether or not this is a good idea, there is no way I am putting duct tape on my wood floors. No Freaking Way.

    Painters’ tape, yes. Duct tape, NO.

  5. amy says

    I clicked the Prudent Baby link ratherthan the “via” link and that’s how I missed the real link too! :)

  6. amy says

    ha! Or on carpet. It leaves a lot of sticky goo.

    My bigger issue with this is that it requires you to leave their door open. Which means then we have to be quiet. And I’d rather keep the door closed so I can watch TV. :)