links for 2011-01-27

The Tiger Mother and You: Are We Preparing Our Kids for a Better Financial Future? I love how JD is wrestling with the whole Tiger Mother conversation. As a child of two cultures (my Dad's from India, my Mom's Jewish, of Eastern European descent), I find myself looking at this uproar from a number of […]

Easy, lovely rosebud valentines

Boston Mamas: Rosebud valentines

via With all the extra time you've got lying around (because you're starting your Valentines early) you and your kids can make one or more of these adorable and easy Rosebud Valentines. Christine's daughter made them last year, and they're lovely. Too time-consuming for all the classmates, perhaps, but perfect for the teacher or […]

Classroom valentines: start them now!

Amazon: Funky heart stickers (100)

My most useful Valentine's Day tip, especially for kids who pass out classroom valentines, is to start early! Homemade valentines are easy to make; the problem is usually the lack of time. Starting today, gather the supplies. You've probably already got them lying around. Card stock (old manila file folders work well) or construction paper […]

Amazon today only: Lorex LIVE video baby monitor 75% off

Amazon: Lorex LIVE video baby monitor

Video baby monitor? Really? This sounds like a setup for one of my rants about baby gear you don't really need. And you don't, in my opinion, really need this product. But if you're one of those parents who would rest easier every night with a video monitor sitting on your nightstand, I say go […]

Bookshelf more useful as a toy shelf


Meredith of Overthinking Mom shared her one-hack-led-to-another epiphany about the usefulness of bookshelves as toy storage: I'm a new mom and was a little naive about when babies actually start to enjoy reading. I had neatly arranged my 9 month-old daughters' books on her bookshelf, but all she did was toss them around and chew […]