Kid art + mailing labels = unique gift tags

Turn your kid's art into gift tags


I've been a fan of Kids Craft Weekly for years. Amber manages to come up with craft projects that are both completely easy and adorable, and she does it EVERY WEEK. Take this idea: using your kid's art plus regular, old white mailing labels and transforming them into beautiful gift tags. How simple and smart is that?

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  1. Courtney says

    I will share a wrapping and present kid art idea. I made color photo copies of a Christmas tree/decorated house my kid made (8 ½ x11). I taped it to white mailing envelopes. Inside went the art calendar, the art from the kid, the kid photos, the kid craft, family photos, art cards, etc. Called the Art Pack. Kept filling the enveloped until I was done. Kid wrote to and from on the back. Everyone opens at the same time since they are all the same.