Kid art + mailing labels = unique gift tags

Turn your kid's art into gift tags

via I've been a fan of Kids Craft Weekly for years. Amber manages to come up with craft projects that are both completely easy and adorable, and she does it EVERY WEEK. Take this idea: using your kid's art plus regular, old white mailing labels and transforming them into beautiful gift tags. How simple […]

Reusable gift wrap: pillowcases!

Amazon: Pucca pillowcases

This present-wrapping hack saves time AND trees! From Virginia in Ireland: I've been feeling a little PST (Pre-Santa Syndrome) this week — too much to do and too little time.  Suddenly I had a short window for gift wrapping but no supplies!  What to do?  PILLOW CASES! We all know about gift bags, but what […]

Windows Phone 7 winner!


Thank you to all who entered the Windows Phone 7 giveaway by sharing your takes on the idea of "more with less." In my post, I shared my three essential tools for clearing mental clutter. Your takes are more wide-ranging. Many of you are thinking "more with less" when it comes to holiday gifts and […]