Reusable gift wrap: pillowcases!

Amazon: Pucca pillowcases

This present-wrapping hack saves time AND trees! From Virginia in Ireland: I've been feeling a little PST (Pre-Santa Syndrome) this week — too much to do and too little time.  Suddenly I had a short window for gift wrapping but no supplies!  What to do?  PILLOW CASES! We all know about gift bags, but what […]

Turn your kid’s art into a Christmas tree decoration

Kid art becomes Christmas tree decoration

e_chendo has a fantastic idea for putting some of that kid art to good seasonal use on the Christmas tree: After taking photos to preserve our toddler's daycare artwork, I started repurposing them into Christmas tree ornaments. I cut the 8.5×11 papers into 8 strips and stapled each strip into a loop and made a […]

Windows Phone 7 winner!


Thank you to all who entered the Windows Phone 7 giveaway by sharing your takes on the idea of "more with less." In my post, I shared my three essential tools for clearing mental clutter. Your takes are more wide-ranging. Many of you are thinking "more with less" when it comes to holiday gifts and […]