Thank you

Just wanted to pop on and wish you safe travels, good eating, and whatever else makes yours a wonderful Thanksgiving. I've got a lot to be thankful for, including another year spent in your company. Thank you for helping me be a better, smarter parent, and for making this such an amazing place to hang […]

Turn your old shirt into a laptop sleeve


via Cool Mom Tech uncovered a fabulous gift idea: Hello Rewind will turn an old t-shirt into a laptop sleeve and donate money to a good cause at the same time. Read the full post at CMT for details.

Vomit hack: Keep the training potty nearby

Amazon: OXO Good Grips Batter Bowl

Vomit is an inevitable topic around here. Reading about kid puke may be gross, but it beats cleaning carpet and changing sheets in the middle of the night, right? Thank you for this, Shimona! I don’t know about anyone else’s kids, but for mine, it’s not very comfortable to lean over the toilet to throw […]

Cold and flu season tips: Best of Parent Hacks

Your kid has a cold or flu. Ugh. These tips should help smooth the bumpy (snotty! itchy! whiny!) cold-and-flu season road a bit. Colds and congestion Use a vegetable steamer or a crock pot as a stand-in for a humidifier Lip balm protects tissue-irritated skin Baby wipes are good for parents' noses, too Empty formula […]

Best of Parent Hacks: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving bento

We've got Thanksgiving on the brain! Whether you're traveling or hosting, I'm sure you do, too. We got a bunch of fantastic Thanksgiving tips and ideas in this Best of Parent Hacks roundup: Best of Parent Hacks: Thanksgiving Got something to add? Tell me about it! Email me at with the words Thanksgiving tip […]

Speed up after-meal cleanup with wipe-down placemats


In a previous post, I listed delegation as one of my three essential tools for clearing mental clutter. Turns out our cloth placemats are a stumbling block in the process of delegating the task of after-dinner table clearing to my kids. Inevitably the questions would grind the process to a halt: Where do they go? […]