Reinspiration: the weekly meal plan


Despite all of my crowing and encouragement about how meal planning is a Good Thing, I still fall off the wagon. It's grocery shopping day, and I'm spectacularly unmotivated to even think about what we're eating this week.

On days like this, I turn to Google hoping someone else will have solved my problem. And I think Erin Doland of Unclutterer may have done it. This do-this-first-then-do-this-next post on meal planning (complete with downloadable chart!) is just enough motivation to get me running alongside the wagon. Will I jump on? Ask me later this week.

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    Over at she runs a Meal Plan Monday. Every Monday about 300 or so blogs link up with their meal plan for the week. It’s a great resource to find a ready made meal plan or to just get some inspiration.

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    I know deep down that meal planning is cheaper and time saving, but I just can’t stick with it. I generally know that I’m going to cook fish twice and chicken and beef once each. That’s about as planned as I get. I am going to check out orgjunkie though, maybe it’ll inspire me – thanks!

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    I have the same problems. And so we usually eat every week the same things, with one or two exceptions. Thanks for the link, I found some great ideas!

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    Great link! Thanks! I’m always looking for ways to save time and reduce stress. Meal planning is my down fall. Many times I just open the refridgerator and work with what I have…it’s not always a success. I just came across a really wonderful website and cookbook called Let’s Cook Tonight by Gigi Centaro. She offers a menu club you can sign-up for which you can try for FREE! I’ve know my family will be thankful.:)

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