Muffin tin as drink serving tray

Muffin-tin Parenthacker extraordinaire Tracy came up with this drink-serving hack:

I recently had an outdoor party for my child and her friends.  I used a muffin/ cupcake tin to put all the cups of water in, so that they wouldn't spill when I carried them outside.  It was nice because everyone got their water at once, rather than me bringing outside only what my hands could carry.

Or having to deal with a pitcher and piles of cups! Very civilized! Great birthday party spill-saver.

Past hacks have also put muffin tins to use as sorting toys and paint palettes.

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  1. MaryG says

    Very clever! My sister used cupcake liners in a muffin tin to pre-portion ice cream to go with cake at her kids’ birthday parties. Just portion out a scoop in each, and throw it into the freezer until time to serve. It makes chaotic cake time so much easier!

  2. Kendra says

    What a fantastic idea! I do day care and we sometimes have picnics on nice days. Getting 6 (or more) cups outside without spilling any has always required multiple frustrating trips. I never thought of a muffin tin but will definitely do it now!

  3. jojo says

    Brilliant! I’m definitely going to use that one. Got to love the muffin tins. I used one for my one year old when he gets fussy at dinner time I serve the different foods in the different spots in the tray. He loves to sort and pick from each. It’s reserved for a special treat and he loves it!

  4. Mike says

    Is this really clever?

    All these years I’ve been carrying drinks on something called a “serving tray”. I guess I should throw it away and use the muffin tin instead.

  5. says

    Muffin tins are so handy. I like it better than a regular drinks tray for a childrens party as the drinks would be more stable in the muffin tray.