Weatherproof Halloween lollipop ghosts

Lollipop ghosts

One of the easiest Halloween crafts around: lollipop ghosts. I've seen them hanging in the trees as decorations, and my kids usually get at least one in their candy buckets. If it's raining in your neighborhood, however, the tissue covering doesn't fare too well.

To weatherproof your lollipop ghosts, switch the tissue out for a square of white plastic cut from a garbage bag. Not waterproof but more durable than tissue: old, white handkerchiefs or pieces of cheesecloth.

Another last-minute decoration: citrus mini-Jack o'lanterns (cute in a lunchbox!).

Any more ideas for five-minute-or-less Halloween decorations?

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  1. Merrie says

    The trash bags present a possible choking hazard for young trick-or-treaters. A good idea for decorating, but not for handing out.

  2. Asha Dornfest says

    Good point, although in my experience at that age parents keep a pretty close eye on the candy. Also, I’m suggesting small squares of plastic, not full-size plastic garbage bags.

  3. Asha Dornfest says

    Great idea (for decor, not handouts…wouldn’t want fabric softener covering candy and little hands).

    Passing along to the Twitter/FB universe…

  4. Becky says

    Really? we should take a sustainable and compost-able material and replace it with plastic? I truly appreciate the desire, but we all generate enough waste over Halloween anyway. This tissue paper lollipop ghost is going to be torn off and discarded within the hour….producing more, rather than less trash isn’t a lesson I want to teach my kids.

    However! Lest I be the downer — for a reusable decoration that will last many years, I think that is a great idea. I have some plastic ghosties hanging myself that are on their third year and still look great. When they wear out, I’ll use an old sheet to replace them!

  5. says

    My mother made Halloween lollipop ghosts for years when I was growing up. They are easy to make, you can use any lollipop (my personal favorite is the tootsie roll), and kids and adults love to get them as trick or treats or they can be used as decorative arrangements for the office.