In a pinch, wrap soiled clothes in a clean diaper

Amazon: Diapers Tami left this tip on the Parent Hacks Facebook page:

I was out and about with my one-year-old and he had a diaper blow-out. I had a change of clothes, but I didn't have a bag for the soiled clothes. What did I do? I wrapped up the soiled clothes in an extra (unused) diaper so I could safely stash it in my bag for the remainder of my outing.

We've all been there — diaper blow-out, or spontaneous regurgitation, or whatever other bodily mishap comes with parenting — and we have no bag.

This is the perfect opportunity to put used Ziploc bags to work. The ones that aren't clean enough to reuse with food, but are perfect for containing wet, stinky clothes or diapers. (This, by the way, is why plastic grocery bags are terrible for the job — they usually have little holes in the bottom.)

But how do you remember to restock your diaper bag when you get home? We've got a hack for that, too.


  1. Carol says

    I’m probably the most forgetful person. I tend to forget to stock up the diaper bag. I think I do that almost never. Thanks for this tip.

  2. Bev says

    Every british parent carries ‘nappy sacks’ with them to put the dirty nappy in when it’s being disposed off, they are very thin, pleasant smelling bags that you put the stinky nappy in before putting it in the bin. They are also extremely useful for sick kids, dirty clothes, doggy mess and a 1000 other uses. I’ve never understand why American mum;s don’t use them. Where do you put a dirty nappy when you are out in public?

  3. Asha Dornfest says

    We’ve got nappy sacks and the doggie equivalent (poop bags). But there are so many serviceable plastic bags already in circulation — it’s hard to get behind the idea of buying clean bags just to throw them away.

    (That’s my same pet peeve about wrapping paper, by the way.)

    HOWEVER: I do believe in buying problem-solving products when the problem is big or stressful enough. So if the daily sense of peace you gain is worth the $ and environmental cost TO YOU (it’s an individual decision), then go for it.

  4. Summer says

    I’m really not trying to be a hater, but honestly, aren’t disposable diapers wasteful enough without using one simply as a garbage bag? Yikes! I mean, I know this is a “in a pinch” scenario, but it’s still super wasteful.

    I always carry at least one (if not two) cloth wet bags with me. Diapers, dirty clothes, and wet washcloths (I always carry small washcloth for wiping dirty faces/hands).

    There are a lot of places to get nice cloth wet bags (they are lined with waterproof PUL) online. Many are made by work at home moms who would love your business. (The disposable diaper industry already has enough, thankyouverymuch.)

  5. Summer says

    Are they disposable or reusable? I always carry a cloth wetbag (2 actually) with me. They are washable and hold everything from wet swim suits to diapers to dirty shoes.

  6. Bev says

    they are disposable, very thin, and you can buy biodegradable ones (i am not sure if they all are).

  7. Asha Dornfest says

    I think the “in a pinch” is the key here.

    Do you have a link to the wet bags you use? That’s a great hack for the front page.

  8. Summer says

    Nicki’s Diapers has a good selection of various sizes and brands:

    I use a couple of different sizes. I usually carry a small one (ziploc baggie sized) with me for smaller wet items and a medium size (about the size of a gallon baggie) for larger wet items (diapers, soiled clothes, etc.) I also have one that I keep in the swim bag in the summer for wet swimsuits.

  9. early pregnancy symptoms says

    I am a first time mom and this tip is very helpful for me. I think I will use a cloth bag because we have a lot of bags here. Better I’ll check other bags you have.

  10. Tami Stroud says

    Actually, we have just moved to the UAE from the US (and I would have commented sooner, but we’ve been without internet for a few days while we moved from a hotel to an apartment in the UAE). In the US I used cloth diapers, but I switched to disposables in the UAE for a season while we were getting our housing (and washing machine!) situation settled. I was used to having a reusable wet bag in diaper bag, but in the temporary switch to disposables things got lost in the shuffle and I found myself with no bag to store soiled clothes in. At the time we were over an hour away from home and I was very grateful to have anything to store the soiled clothes in. “In a pinch” is exactly right!

    Also, disposable soiled bags are commonly available in the US (you can get them at the dollar store, wal-mart, any baby store, etc). When I had my first (of 4, soon to be 5 children) I used to carry those around with me, but when I switched to cloth diapering I started using reusable wet bags, which I much prefer. It’s just in all the craziness of moving and getting settled I found myself without a properly stocked diaper bag. :)

    (btw, this is the Tami that posted the hack)

  11. wendy says

    our newspaper comes in a plastic bag about 80% of the time and they are perfect for rolling up very tiny and stashing a few of them in the diaper bag for dirties.