Food Face Plate encourages kids to play with dinner


Look what Cool Mom Picks found! Play with your food, indeed.


  1. Rob Usdin says

    Cute, except I saw these in the store – they are made of china. Why not make them out of some plastic instead?

  2. A. says

    Im sorry, I have to say, I do not encourage playing at the dinner table. Yes, dinner time is for talking about everyones day. Discussion, and so forth, but playing? No.

  3. Kendra says

    As the parent of several picky eaters, I am a fan of anything that introduces diversity into their palates. My kids in particular aren’t into dipping–unless it’s in ketchup or, on an adventurous day, barbecue sauce. So if a themed plate gets them to feel more positive about something they wouldn’t ordinarily try, I’m all on board! I can especially see my “nothing squishy–ever” son getting intrigued by the idea of getting to “paint” a beard with mashed potatoes–and possibly even tasting them in the process!

  4. Lotto Draw says

    I agree. When i was little my dad would have got the belt out if i’d dared play with my food at the table!