Draw your Jack O’lantern’s face with dry erase marker

Pumpkin carving tools Amy's stunningly simple pumpkin-carving tip:

We use a dry eraser marker to sketch out the face of the pumpkin. After everything was cut out, a wet paper towel wiped away all the marker and no lines were showing on the face.

Um, duh. Why didn't we all think of this years ago?

Speaking of pumpkin carving, I've noticed that a few stores have already put their Halloween supplies on sale. If you've still got a pumpkin or two to carve, those cheap sets of pumpkin carving tools make short work of the job, especially if kids will be doing some of the carving.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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  1. Clothdragon says

    We used wet-erase. Only difference is that you need a wet paper towel when you’re done. But then we may be unusual in having wet-erase markers at hand at home.

  2. Ashley Abele says

    I had said this on Twitter too, but I cannot share this with my husband after the hours (yes hours) spent last night. He had the idea to let my nearly 5 year old son draw a face on paper first (which worked well when he was 2 or 3) and then he would carve it.

    It did not go well.

    Such a great tool!!

  3. Homebaked-melissa.blogspot.com says

    We just use Crayola washable markers out of the kids’ art supply box–wipes right off the pumpkin AND the kids’ hands with a damp cloth.

  4. chris says

    For those with messy messy pumpkin carving experiences like we have, the washable and dry erase markers vanish pretty quickly. We use a sharpie to draw out the face. When the job is done my husband or I take nail polish remover to the marker and it comes off instantly. It has staying power through the wet sticky carving process and comes off easily.

  5. early pregnancy symptoms says

    I use a liquid typewriter-white ink eraser to carve the face of the pumpkin. It will really do the trick and it’s easy to wipe out the trace.