No-carve, no-pumpkin mini Jack O’lanterns



No time or inclination to carve pumpkins? Grab your Sharpies and a bag of clementines (or other small citrus fruits) and make your own posse of mini Jack o'lanterns!

(This link came across my Twitter stream and for the life of me I can't find the original tweeter. Whoever you are — thanks for sharing. This is adorable and a Godsend for those who get the willies from pumpkin innards.)

By the way, Instructables has an amazing Halloween section full of more DIY goodness. Must see!

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  1. Celeste says

    That is such a cute idea. I just bought some clementines that I like to put in my son’s lunchbox. He would love it if I put a face on it. Thanks!

  2. Stormy says

    That’s an awesome idea! I just created a row for my 4yo to discover. (With plenty of more blank ones for him to draw on.)

  3. Able April says

    @Asha:I posted it on the FB page yesterday and someone replied saying it was going to be shared. Perhaps you are thinking of that (rather than twitter)?

    Anyway, it’s a great thing and I’m happy the idea is getting a larger audience!

  4. Asha Dornfest says

    Yes, yes! Thank you so much! I’m glad you spoke up…it was a busy day with lots of links flying past my brain. I loved this idea and was thrilled to find it on the PH Facebook page!

  5. Asha Dornfest says

    Good point. I was thinking about these as decorations only, but perhaps if they are going to be eaten, using non-toxic markers instead. Not as inky black, but safer.

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