Make your own pinata

6a010536d81cc6970b013487f2bdef970c-800wi via Design Mom I'm not usually a pinata person, but what I love here is that it's easy enough for a kid to make! Plus, it would be a great way to use up some of your kids' Halloween candy. Step-by-steps at

No-carve, no-pumpkin mini Jack O’lanterns


via No time or inclination to carve pumpkins? Grab your Sharpies and a bag of clementines (or other small citrus fruits) and make your own posse of mini Jack o'lanterns! (This link came across my Twitter stream and for the life of me I can't find the original tweeter. Whoever you are — thanks […]

iPhone Halloween Costume

front&back.jpg via @Caterina on Twitter I was just going to just retweet this, but the picture was so great I wanted to be sure y'all saw it. Thanks for passing it along, Caterina! More: Best of Parent Hacks: Easy Halloween Tips

How to turn your mishaps into learning opportunities

Amazon: Lemonade dispenser

Not long ago we were talking about parenting kids who tend toward negative thinking. Combatting my son's pessimism is one of my most persistent parenting challenges, and I recently had an unexpected opportunity to model a different way of thinking. Our car was broken into and essentially cleaned out. This isn't the first time — […]

Organize school portraits in a three-ring binder


via Quick and easy way to keep track of your kids' school portraits! For long-term storage, I suggest acid-free envelopes, but, in the short term, this is a fantastic way to keep all the portraits in one place. Thank you, @irishgirl, for the pointer! By the way, Twitter and Facebook are great ways to […]

Martha can even make owl vomit look good


Martha Stewart Crafts Department via In case you didn't know, owls regularly produce owl pellets: blobs of regurgitated bones, fur, and other bits that doesn't make it through their digestive tracts. Once dried up, these little nuggets of wonder are fascinating to dissect, as they provide a mostly-intact accounting about what the owl just […]