Turbie Twist towel wrap great for drying kids’ long hair

Amazon: Turbie Twist Hair Drying Towel Have I passed some dubious milestone by recommending an "As Seen on TV" product on Parent Hacks? Hey — a good hack can come from anywhere.

The Turbie Twist is a thin, terrycloth towel you wrap around your head after you shower. If you've ever tried the same trick with a bath towel, you know it doesn't work very well. But thanks to this towel's curved shape and a little elastic loop at the top, it stays put with no bulk.

Guess what: it's great for little girls (and boys) with long hair. My daughter has long, curly hair that tangles easily. Used to be, after I got her out of the bath, I'd rub her hair with a towel to blot the excess water. The resulting tangles were terrible. It's also hard to dry a wet kid who's got wet hair streaming down her back.

Amazon: Wet Brush Now, I wrap my daughter's head with a Turbie Twist straight out of the bath. While I'm helping her dry her body, her hair basically towel-dries itself. After she's dry and in her bathrobe, I unwrap her hair, spray on some detangler, and brush. (I use this Wet Brush…much less painful than a wide-toothed comb.) The process goes faster, is more comfortable, and the Turbie Twist dries overnight. Lightens my towel laundry load, too.

For the record, I did NOT buy my Turbie Twist from an infomercial! Our local store had them on sale for about $3 each. I would think you could find them at any bed-and-bath superstore, and they're also at Amazon.

For you crafty sew-people out there, here's a pattern for a homemade towel wrap at Skip to My Lou. (I could have guessed Cindy would have figured this out.)

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  1. says

    I have been using a turban towel like this for years. I have tried many different brands and have only found a few that I like. I hate the ones with elastic around the edge. I don’t like the velour ones. I also tried a bamboo one, but it was too small for my head.

    I have 3 that I love. I keep saying I am going to make some for myself, but with a toddler, it never happens.

  2. Marisol says

    Curly hair should never be rubbed with a towel (as you see, it causes tangles because it ruffles the hair shaft).
    Adding a small bit of conditioner to the ends of the hair (after you have rinsed out the conditioner) should help keep the hair from tangling as badly, as well as wrapping the wet hair in a turban towel like this is super helpful.

  3. dorizook@hotmail.com says

    I have long curly hair and I was given the tip to use an old t-shirt to wrap up my hair post-shower. It works so much better than towel drying. I haven’t tried this with my child yet (she’s only 18 months) but I think that it would work great with an older child. The t-shirt turns into a turban easily and it will reduce tangles.

  4. says

    I lobe these they really do work & it shows kids how to wrap hair & stays on better than most things they could put on to dry there hair.