Print homemade crossword puzzles to help with test review

Crossword puzzle test review


On Twitter, @deniselaborde shared a link to this simple, fun idea: turn test review into a game by fashioning the answers into a crossword puzzle. Read the full post at Kellicrowe for details.


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    Oh that is a fun idea. We’ve been doing similar with my 7 year olds spelling words. I use the word in a sentence

    example Their

    Did you see _ _ _ _ _ car go past?

    and she has to guess the right word to go in the blanks and then put it in the crossword puzzle.

    Anything to make spelling more fun.

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    They have more than just crossword puzzles! Word searches, scrambles, math puzzles, and much more. I’ve just printed out two “quizzes” for my son — he will love them. At least I hope he will. I do.

    Great for kids learning to read and spell, too.

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    Crossword puzzles are a way to challenge your mind, increase thinking speed, and jog your memory. They can be used in the classroom to reinforce new concepts and ideas in a fun, entertaining, and unconventional way.