MyLifeScoop: The New TV, or, Cutting Your Cable Ties

In my next post for Intel-sponsored MyLifeScoop, I share my thoughts (and silly anxiety) about abandoning cable and switching to "new" TV. Would love to hear your experiences and tips! Related: More featured stories at MyLifeScoop

Rethread waistline drawstrings with a pen

So says Heather at! You can also use a big, fat safety pin — the tool of choice of my family in India, where everyone of every age wears pants with drawstrings. Thanks for passing this along, Christine! via

Use Google Voice as your emergency contact number

Google Voice

Here's the perfect emergency contact number for school or daycare: a Google Voice number that redirects to any phone  — or to more than one phone at the same time. Imagine: six months from now, you change jobs and/or your cell phone number but you DON'T have to remember to update the emergency paperwork! Read […]

Mitten clips cinch too-loose waistbands


via Yonit was inspired by a product she spied at Amazon — the Smartie Pants adjustable cinch belt — to repurpose an old set of mitten clips! No more skirts falling down. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing, Yonit!

Thick, chewy, homemade granola bars


via Getting enough calories into my daughter has been a challenge ever since she started eating. She eats tiny amounts, so I'm always on the lookout for nutrient- and calorie-dense foods that are easy to take along. Score! The chewy granola bar recipe at Smitten Kitchen is easy, delicious, and economical. My first attempt […]