25 September 2010

Uses for the personal laminator

Amazon: Scotch Thermal Laminator A laminator? The idea of "needing" one seemed silly until I bought one (also on deep Amazon discount) as a tool for home schooling. I LOVE IT. I laminate chore and task lists, printed schedules, I make personalized trading cards, I preserve special bits of kid art, I make little reminder signs to hang all over the house.

If you've been thinking about getting a laminator, today would be a great day to do it. At Amazon today only, this Scotch Thermal Laminator is $17.99 (usually listed at over $80).

Current laminator enthusiasts: how does your laminator earn its keep?

Price good through 9/26/10.

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I've been thinking about getting one to make my own reusable coloring pictures (ala Crayola Recoloritz). Color with washable markers and then wash with water. This may be too tempting...

Oh, I LOVE my laminator... I have this one, and it ROCKS! If I didn't have one, I'd snatch this up... I use it for everything - I homeschool, and I've saved several books from extinction by laminating the pages, and I've also made chore cards for my kids and coloring pages, and even faux-capiz shells for a lampshade. LOVE it!

Heads up that the Amazon price may be off to the side in the "More Buying Choices" box. It's not in stock, but they still have the sale price if you can wait 2 weeks. I find frequently the out of stock stuff ships sooner.

Links in main post updated! If you go to the Gold Box page, the in-stock price is still listed as $17.99. Here's the Amazon link again just in case: http://tinyurl.com/2fro8ab

Awesome! I just ordered this for my husband actually, we homebrew and he designs beer labels and is always trying to figure out ways to hang the labels on our corny kegs without them getting waterlogged (beerlogged?). I am sure I'll get a lot of use out of laminating kid stuff too, but the beer thing made it a great gift!

planning on making chocolate syrup as holiday gifts, will make a great way to hang tags.

ThanK you. This was on my christmas list for someone.

It is backOrdered 2-5 weeks.for shipping. Too good a deal I guess, but it should still b here well before Christmas.

i use my laminator for everything! i've made our own luggage tags, i laminate my recipes so they're easy to wipe clean, i've made bookmarks with photos and die cuts... but the best task i've use my laminator for? hands down, the kumon tracing books that i ripped apart, laminated and had spiral bound at kinkos. my now 5 year old started using (and reusing) the pages with a dry erase marker when she was just shy of 3. the pages wipe clean without a problem. now her little sister gets to use them all. overhead projector markers work well, too.

Thanks for the heads-up. Just confirmed that myself. Glad you were able to take a bite out of your holiday shopping bill!

I have this same one. I got it at W*lM*rt and I thought I paid WAY less than $80, although more than $17. I wanted one for a long time and finally got one. It has been awesome.
I made a book for my son's class (The Colors of Our Room) and laminated it because his class is Early Head Start (6 weeks - 3 years). I have also made several sets of luggage tags for us, cute ones for my son's bags and lists of things for bags for the different places he might go. I laminated signs for my sister's wedding reception. I am also going to use it for chore cards. I love it!

Thank you SO MUCH for this tip. My husband was sitting next to me while I was buying it and asked why -- my response: "at this price - how can I not?" He actually agreed! How often does that happen? (Answer: Never in this house!) Thank you!!!

There is a $20 rebate available if you buy the 50 pack of the 9 x 11.4 (??) sized thermal pouches. Some folks (myself included) also had a $10 discount (not sure where it came from) that showed up in the cart when checking out with these two items in the cart.

For more info, see the Fatwallet thread here: http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/1030527?fwcs=ta416418

I just got this same laminator at Walmart for $24.

i love my laminator..and it's NEVER been $80 at walmart..they have it there for in the $30s!

Amazon displays a list price which is how they calculate the "percentage off" discount. In this case I see it's much higher than the market price in the real world.

Always good when folks provide a reality check in the comments!

I can't find the Amazon page on which this product is $18.

I get redirected to http://www.amazon.com/gp/goldbox?ie=UTF8&ref_=cs_top_nav_gb27

IS there a non-God Box page?

The current price on Amazon is $38.89, so I guess the deal expired.

Can't believe I mistyped the expiration date. So sorry to have wasted your time. This was a one-day deal, and the note should have read "price good through 9/26" not 9/29. Corrected now, not that it helps.

Oh hay, in this vein, dry erase crayons are the best. They wipe off, (it's easier the first day, but they do wipe off days later too) and no gnarly smell!

I used our laminator to cool-atize our mailbox's numbers - the lamination makes them waterproof!

We've also used our laminator to make homemade game board pieces.

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