Toilet cleaning gel disc doubles as “pee target” for little boys

Amazon: Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Kim's getting-the-pee-into-the-toilet hack:

I found this hack while Googling for help on getting my six- and four year-old boys to more consistantly aim inside the toilet when they pee.  I was so fed up with daily cleaning and watching them pee all over the back of the toilet!

I bought a Flippee toilet shield which works well as long as it's flipped up. But I think I've found an even better solution (and this one helps keep the toilet clean): Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel. You squirt a little gel "disc" on the inside of the toilet above the water line. It lasts for a week, keeps your toilet fresh, and gives the boys a target to aim for.

Really wanted to share this "borrowed" hack as I'm sure many parents share my frustration with getting their boys to pee in the toilet.

Sigh. Pee. We must deal with it for so much longer than we'd like, especially with little boys. Thank you for sharing, Kim!

Past "pee target" suggestions have included Cheerios, Froot Loops, a square of toilet paper, and paper dots from the hole punch. Any other suggestions?


  1. AleXX says

    I don’t know, if this is typical european, but we german women teach our boys to sit down on the toilet. That’s it. No Spilling at all. And our husbands do it the same way.

  2. flynn says

    That’s how we do it in my house, too, AleXX. He will likely learn to stand at school, where they’ll have urinals (easier to hit) and fewer stalls. There was a brief period where he decided to stand, having seen others do that, but we asked him to clean up if he made a mess. He’d rather sit :)

  3. says

    Or Cheerios (or whatever other brand of O-shaped cereal you prefer). Cheap, easy, and doesn’t fill the drains with any more toxic chemicals than necessary.

    I vaguely remember learning with a ping pong ball, but I’m quite positive that my modern toilet would have no trouble flushing one of those things down (probably leaving me with an expensive plumbing bill in the process).

    Sitting down works, too, although my son is still too young to do even that without assistance. Never too young to start toilet training.

  4. Robyn says

    I love this idea, I’m going to buy this next time I’m out. I’ve tried the cereal and fish but they are moving targets and if they get too close to the front of the bowl, it’s a big mess. (maybe it’s just us?)

  5. Mim says

    am I the only one who finds the juxtaposition of this post with the photo for the following post (a cup of juice) disconcerting?

  6. Ann says

    I’m afraid my “free-spirit” would grab the goldfish or cheerios out of the toilet rather than use them as a target.

  7. KJ n A's mommy says

    I haven’t tried this but I plan to soon. It was passed on from an aunt with six brothers. You turn off the water to the toilet, flush, then wipe the back inside of the bottom portion of the porcelain dryish. Then make a dot using bright red/pink nail polish. Let it dry for 30 min or so then turn the water back on and fill it back up. Tell him to shoot for the little red “target”. Apparently it is like driving into the taillights of the car in front of you at night…second nature. Eventually when he has the hang of it you just re-empty the water and remove with polish remover.