Use Google Voice as your emergency contact number

Google Voice Here's the perfect emergency contact number for school or daycare: a Google Voice number that redirects to any phone  — or to more than one phone at the same time. Imagine: six months from now, you change jobs and/or your cell phone number but you DON'T have to remember to update the emergency paperwork!

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    I started using Google Voice when it was Grand Central and I LOVE it. I can give that number out and know that whether I’m at home or out and about my important calls will get to me. I was also thinking that it would avoid the potential issue of dear children deleting important messages (from school, say) from the home answering machine as Google Voice will still let me know that I missed a call even if the machine picks up!

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    I’ve been doing the same thing for a long while using Skype. Skype-in numbers cost a bit at present, but I’m told Google Voice numbers will be for fee soon as well.