Baby food jar as preschooler drinking glass


Michelle admits what many of us have experienced: that weaning kids away from sippy cups isn't always as easy as it sounds. Here's her solution:

If you can believe it, my kids are 5 and 6 and until recently (I'm a little embarrassed to say it) they were still drinking out of sippy cups. It's been hard getting them to transition to big kid cups; plastic cups tip too easily and regular drinking glasses are too heavy and cumbersome.

My sister-in-law came over for a visit and left some large baby food jars (my niece is 1). It dawned on me that they might be perfect for little hands and mouths. And they are! The kids love them. And the best part? We're leaving the sippy cup behind and we're cutting down on spills.

Spega yogurt (original image: Apartment Therapy) Great idea. We had the same issue…in fact my seven year-old daughter still asks for a sippy cup "because of the happy memories." She's sentimental, but the fact is we often forget how comforting these items can be. It wasn't that long before that they were weaning from the breast or bottle!

We still use these little yogurt containers as drinking glasses…nice size, never spill. Trader Joe's used to sell this yogurt, but I haven't seen it in a while.

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  1. christi says

    Those little Trader Joe’s yogurt cups are also fabulous portable snack cups. We use those in the car on road trips or on the way to soccer practice. They’re reusable, but not as special as a bowl from home…

  2. Anna S. says

    Great Old School hack! I’m pretty sure my grandmother did this. I’ve just about replaced my set of matching glasses (that break easily) with various glass jars. My daughter uses little ones, and we use the spaghetti sauce jars. There’s no glass recycling facility near us, so we re-use all of them. They’re super durable, too!

  3. says

    I grew up with small jam jars from homemade jam as drinking glasses. Relatives of ours gave us copious plum and blackberry jams all year, and with six kids and little money, Mom was happy for the easy glassware. The littlest jars were perfect for the littlest kids.

  4. says

    Not so much about the drinking vessel, but I give the snack at our church’s MOPS group for kids 2-5, and in the younger group many of the kids don’t know how to drink from regular cups. One of the teachers for that group said that she taught her kids how to drink from a cup in the bathtub.

  5. says

    IKEA sells very small glasses in 6-packs for $1.50 (for all 6!). The glasses are just right for little hands, have a shape that makes holding them easier, and I can vouch they will take some beating without chipping… and they stack in the cupboard, which is nice for those of us with small kitchens.

    I like them so much I linked to them in my blog in this post here (sorry, not meaning to be a blog pimp, but…)

  6. says

    Just yesterday I let my little guy (15mo) drink water from a shot glass. It was much easier for him than even a kid cup is since he doesn’t have to wait so long for the water to hit his little lips. It seems to keep him from tipping it wayyyyy back and dumping the water down his chest. He loved being a “big boy” and drinking from a cup like his sister. It was a lot of refilling though on my end! :)

  7. says

    I love the idea!!! I have a friend who is having a hard time weaning her child from sippy cups and I think your suggestion is a great idea. Thanks.:-)

  8. says

    Eh…I’m more worried about breakage with glass than spillage with plastic.

    Munchkin sells a pack of cups that have worked well in my family. My oldest was drinking out of a cup at 10 months. She never got that “tip up” thing, so we used a cup with a straw. Not necessarily the sippy kind, but I did cut the straws short so they wouldn’t make her pull the cup over.

    I used to leave the dishwasher open for a mini table…so if they tried to pick up the cup or set it down & it spilled…it didn’t matter, it was self-cleaning when I next washed dishes.

  9. says

    Well, I have to add my two cents! I work for a company called Silikids ( and we make silicone sleeves for glass baby food jars to help protect the jars while traveling or in the diaper bag. They would also be perfect for little hands holding the jars. We also make 6oz glasses for kids learning to use a big kid cup. They are glass (not plastic) and have a silicone sleeve on them for better grip and protection against inevitable drops. Check it out… or

  10. says

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