Toilet cleaning gel disc doubles as “pee target” for little boys

Amazon: Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel

Kim's getting-the-pee-into-the-toilet hack: I found this hack while Googling for help on getting my six- and four year-old boys to more consistantly aim inside the toilet when they pee.  I was so fed up with daily cleaning and watching them pee all over the back of the toilet! I bought a Flippee toilet shield which […]

Baby food jar as preschooler drinking glass


via Michelle admits what many of us have experienced: that weaning kids away from sippy cups isn't always as easy as it sounds. Here's her solution: If you can believe it, my kids are 5 and 6 and until recently (I'm a little embarrassed to say it) they were still drinking out of sippy […]

How-To: LED Embroidery

Craftzine: LED Embroidery

via My family shares an unusual fascination with sea creatures and LEDs. And look what's happening at Craftzine! Beautiful. (Also, a frog eating fireflies, a birthday cupcake, and a squid t-shirt. Wow.) Should I dust off my long-forgotten embroidery skills?

How to make a hooded towel for kids

Go to: Skip to My Lou

via Cindy couldn't just stop at one great towel hack (linked in my post about how well the Turbie Twist towel wrap works for kids). She also made an adorable child's hooded towel out of a regular towel, a hand towel, and some rickrack. Go see! Related: Baby towels live on as hair-drying towels […]

Homemade flash cards help kids pack their own lunches


via Our recent brainstorming session on encouraging kids to eat their school lunches inspired this amazing project. Based on several Parenthackers' suggestions, Alanna was looking to teach her kids to pack their own lunches. She came up with this: flash cards. Remarkable. Read the full post at Tied To My Apron Strings for details.

Amazon deal: One year of Sunset Magazine for $5

Sunset Magazine

I've been reading Sunset Magazine since I was a kid. The relatively down-to-earth combo of gardening, cooking, home design and travel strikes the right balance of aspiration and "I can do that." If you feel like giving yourself (or a friend) a little treat each month, grab this Amazon Gold Box deal: a year of […]

iPhone app helps keep household routines in order

HomeRoutines iPhone App

So many parents (and kids, actually) rejoice in Fall's return to structure. The predictable daily and weekly rhythm that comes with the school schedule works for many. Not me. I love the openness of summer. I love waking up whenever I wake up and asking the kids, "what do you want to do today?" I […]