Parent Hacks spontaneous summer break ends 9/7/10

Well. My "short" summer break from posting here has turned into a very long summer break! I didn't intend for it to happen that way, but am so grateful it has. This has been the best summer on record for the Dornfest family for the simplest of reasons…time. Lots of it. Time to not know what we were doing on a given afternoon, time to go on unplanned adventures, time, when the kids begged to stay out or up a little bit later, to say YES.

Which is great for me, but what about Parent Hacks? Alive and well, and back to regular programming after Labor Day. I can't wait to reconnect next week!

In the meantime, how has your summer been?


  1. Asha {Parent Hacks} says

    Having “a little clone” makes parenting so intuitive. I have two kids: one’s very much like me, and one’s so different it’s hard to believe we share any genetics at all. Best of luck as the school years start!

  2. says

    As a teacher, I have a lot of “inside information” to use, but it still didn’t avoid him from a few frustrating days (not eating lunch, losing lunchbox, crying, etc.). Things can only get better!