MyLifeScoop: 6 sites to get your kids cooking

MyLifeScoopLate summer is the perfect time to get your kids busy in the kitchen. In my next post for the Intel-sponsored site MyLifeScoop, I explain why, and I share six sites that will inspire you to cook with your kids.

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    Kids have a natural love of cooking. My kids love measuring, mixing and all that jazz. My wife always tries to make cooking a learning experience. She makes sure that the kids follow the recipes exactly and she lets them measure to learn math, etc… You get the picture.

    I have taken their love of cooking one step further and insist that they develop a love of cleaning up after the cooking project is done. It’s a lot harder to make this option popular with the kids though. Even when I try to impress them with the science lessons related to soaps and other cleaning products, they don’t seem to think the cleaning work or lessons are as much fun as cooking.

    I can’t say I disagree with them on that part. Anyway, it’s important for us parents to cultivate a love for cooking and other basic life skills into our kids when they are young. Even if they don’t always love doing it, they are learning a lot about following directions and contributing to the family dynamics in the process.

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