Bandaids as temporary outlet covers

Bandaid outlet cover Ah, the creativity that comes from necessity. Amy's travel babyproofing hack:

We rented a little cabin in very rural South Dakota over the holiday. Because it was so far away from any town we packed our food and most every thing else that we needed except…outlet covers for little fingers!

We ended up using bandaids found in the depths of my purse! Yahoo! It worked great!

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  1. daffiney says

    This sounds like a creative, temporary fix. I think, though, that you’d want to use the most boring-looking band aid in your purse. As the photo shows, a colorful, happy band-aid just invites kids to touch an outlet they might otherwise have no interest in.

  2. says

    I love this! We have been traveling a lot this summer which means many hotel rooms and short term living accommodations.

    I have struggled with the best and most essential baby proofing items to bring with us, and everyone needs Bandaids!

  3. Anna says

    Just remember to remove them, since that little strip of cotton shouldn’t be pressed against an outlet…

  4. says

    That would only make the outlet MORE intriguing to play with for my kids.

  5. Andy says

    As the owner of a rental property, I’d have to say I would not be very happy about the goo that band-aids leave behind, and would be upset with a tenant if they did this and didn’t clean it off completely. Just my two cents.