Strawberry huller cuts table food into bite-size bits for baby

Strawberry huller Becky's hack for new eaters of "people food:"

We now have an 11 month-old boy and he is learning to eat table food. To quickly cut our food into small, evenly-sized bites, I used a strawberry huller (the kind that looks like a stubby set of tweezers). It works really well with bread, cooked pasta, avocado… really any soft food. Neater than fork or fingers, and you don't have to do that awkward biting-off-a-piece-with-your-teeth thing which I think it kinda gross. The huller goes into our bag and comes out in restaurants and on the go. We love it!

Past hacks have also suggested pizza cutters and kitchen shears.

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  1. R. Davis says

    What a great idea! Never would have thought of it myself. I agree using our mouth to make smaller pieces is gross, but to be honest, it helps me determine if the food it too hot. Sometimes the center is much hotter than the outside.