How to Keep Towels off the Bathroom Floor


How did she do it? Amy details the long experiment in teaching her sons to hang up the bathroom towels. It's an interesting example of how design and functionality go hand-in-hand. In other words…make it easier to clean up and (most of the time) people are more likely to try.

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  1. famousamy says

    Great hack! And instead of sewing on a new piece of fabric if you have a button hole attachment on a sewing machine you could just sew a button hold in the towel to hang it from. Either way I think this is a great idea!

  2. Leslie says

    Just be careful to not hang wet towels up this way – they could cause mildew on the wall!

  3. Alicia says

    For my 3 girls we put a coat rack that hangs on the wall so the rack is flush against the wall. This allow 8 towels to be hung up, we put this under the current towel rack so Mommy could have the decorative towels in the bathroom that the girls dont touch, and yet the girls can reach their towels. Then behind the bathroom door we hung a key ring holder that hold 4 or 5 sets of keys, this is for their girls bathing suits. This allows everything to stay away from the wall, yet be low enough for the kids to reach it well. Then like I said before, I can have the “pretty towels” that the kids dont bother with, because their stuff is within easy reach.

  4. says

    With 2 boys and a messy husband, I’ve been hanging towels for years! Works great, and most of the time they actually do it! It also eliminates my incessant need to straighten towels not hung properly on a regular towel rack.

  5. Rebecca says

    I found towel hooks in the Pottery Barn catalog that have a picture frame attached to the top. Now everyone knows where to hang their towel. The photos don’t lie. The kids also had fun picking out their personal towel color. So far the system is working. Now if I can get them to remember to put the shower curtain in the tub, the overall water mess will be eliminated.

  6. Angel says

    I love the evolution of this…thanks for taking us along! We love our towel hooks, but the extra loop of fabric is brilliant!