How to keep soapy shampoo water out of your kid’s eyes

Here's how Alison got her little guy to tip his head back during shower shampoo rinses:

Whenever I rinsed the shampoo out of my 4 year-old's hair he would curl his chin down to his chest making all the soapy water run down his face and into his eyes. To get him to tilt his head back I drew a tiny sailboat on the ceiling in eyeliner and told him to look at it while I rinsed. Not one drop went on his face!

Eyeliner! Impressive, Alison! A sticker would work as well as long as it could handle the steamy conditions in the bathroom. Another option: an X with electrical tape!

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  1. says

    After the previous post, my mind’s eye could use a good washing. Nice choice for this one. I feel so bad for that woman and her family. And just think, the media will probably bite her for being a blogger and neglecting “real life”.

  2. says

    i just tell my kids to look at the ceiling. my wife would a) kill me if i draw on the walls and b) kill me again for using her makeup to draw on those walls. :P

  3. Christine says

    My mom used to tell us to look at Donald Duck on the ceiling. A couple years ago I said something about it like, “remember that old house where we had Donald Duck on the ceiling above the bathtub?” and she burst out laughing. It turns out she just said that to get us to look up, but there was no Donald Duck, it was all in our imagination. (Imagination is cheaper than eyeliner and easier to remove!)

  4. Kate says

    We use cans of shaving foam as bath entertainment (the old Barbasol foamy style, I get the sensitive skin variety so she smells a *little* less like old man) and then I just draw a smiley face way up high on the tiles. She’ll usually look up at that as it glops down the side of the tub. That way, I can rinse it off between baths.

  5. Lee says

    This reminds me of my OB/GYN’s office where they have posters on the ceilings over the exam tables.

  6. Elzza says

    I never had to find a trick for my son, now 4. The possibility of water in his face is enough. I hold a folded washcloth on his forehead to make sure to catch any drips, & he covers his ears (doesn’t like water in his ears)

  7. Brian says

    You can also try those stick on stars that are supposed to be put on ceilings to make constellations–they usually glow in the dark and can be a fun distraction even when you’re not trying to rinse out the shampoo.

  8. Robyn says

    My son is two and I put about an inch or two of water in the tub. He can then lay down and it doesn’t go in his ears. When I’m putting water on his hair, it stays out of his eyes.

  9. Teresa says

    I just tell my kids to howl like a coyote when it’s time to rinse out the soap.

  10. pdxfoodmama says

    it’s the same thing we say for clipping on the bike helmets – “look up at the sky!” i guess that works better for older kids…

  11. pdxfoodmama says

    or the pediatric dental office I went to as a kid, with a poster on the ceiling of a witch with rotting horrible teeth surrounded by tons of halloween candy!

  12. Erika says

    We tried that, then one day we were at big lots and my dd saw a pair of crab goggles. Problem solved!!!

  13. MaryG says

    We told our daughter to “howl at the moon”, too! It worked every time for about two years!