DIY Clipping Toy: Road Trip Sanity with a Toddler


Stitch this up before your next trip-with-toddlers! Rachel says: "We made this toy out of buckles after watching my daughter play more with the stroller buckles than the slide on a park play date. It was a lifesaver on our last 28-hour (one-way) road trip."

Step-by-step directions and photos at Thanks, Rachel!


  1. Mim says

    I wish i were crafty enough to make one… My 2 yr old would love it. And my son (now 4) would have too… when he was about 1, was obsessed with buckles too — At the time, i bought him a cheap kids backpack at Goodwill and hooked it to the side of a child gate and he used to sit beside it for ages just playing with its buckles and zippers.

  2. polymathamy says

    When I was little, I had a bear that had various fasteners attached. It would talk when you pulled a string…
    “Please buckle my belt”
    “Please snap my snaps”
    “Please tie my shoelaces”
    “Please zip my zipper”
    “Please button my buttons”

    I loved that bear! When I had fully mastered all of them, I would pull the string just to laugh at the bear because I had already done what it was asking!

  3. kate says

    Hope they don’t get their fingers caught in them though! Maybe it’s just my kids, but they’ve both had blood blisters more then once from catching the side of a finger in those buckles…

  4. says

    That would be excellent for fine-motor strength and eye-hand co-ordination. I agree, the bigger clips would pinch the skin, but these clips in the photo look like the ones that are too small and soft to pinch. I must try this idea, thank you!