How to Keep Towels off the Bathroom Floor


via How did she do it? Amy details the long experiment in teaching her sons to hang up the bathroom towels. It's an interesting example of how design and functionality go hand-in-hand. In other words…make it easier to clean up and (most of the time) people are more likely to try.

Amazon deals: Harmony universal remote, Popular Science magazine

Popular Science

Just came across two great Amazon deals today: 60% off the Logitech Harmony 880 universal remote ($79.99, refurbished). We use another version of the Harmony, and it's the first and only universal remote that has ever worked as promised for us. 1 year of Popular Science Magazine for $5. I say families should keep this […]

Strawberry huller cuts table food into bite-size bits for baby

Strawberry huller

Becky's hack for new eaters of "people food:" We now have an 11 month-old boy and he is learning to eat table food. To quickly cut our food into small, evenly-sized bites, I used a strawberry huller (the kind that looks like a stubby set of tweezers). It works really well with bread, cooked pasta, […]

How to deal with unfriendly teasing


via Look at the "map" Marita developed to help her daughter deal with unfriendly teasing! A tool like this is invaluable for any kid who needs a boost with social skills. Click through to her blog post for more information. Thank you, Marita!

Happy Father’s Day (and Geek Dad winners)!

Geek Dad

Happy, happy Father's Day, all! As always, I'm grateful to all the dads who participate here at Parent Hacks. One of the many things I love about this site is that it's an ongoing conversation about parenting, not just motherhood. Here's wishing you a day of relaxation, appreciation, and fun. And now to the three […]

Last-minute Father’s Day gift: Geek Dad

We try to keep Father's Day low-key around here (relaxation, BBQ, other manly forms of non-activity), but we also know that Daddy likes to open a little present as much as the next kid. If you're still scrambling for a gift, here's the perfect solution: Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and […]

MyLifeScoop: Design your dream garden online

Today’s the first day of “summer” in Portland (school let out yesterday), and it’s cold, drizzly, and cloudy. But the weather hasn’t dampened my spirits for gardening…in fact I’ve got a new vegetable garden gracing my back yard. If you’ve got big plans (or even small hopes) for your garden, check out my next post […]

Ice chest as kiddie pool


Lia's spur-of-the-moment idea for keeping the kids cool: There are relatively few days to use a swimming pool here in Alaska.  We hit 72 and needed to cool off desperately.  I found a Rubbermaid container to use as a kiddie pool for my six month-old, but needed something a bit deeper for my 21 month-old.  […]