Toilet roll seed starter


I've been a fan of You Grow Girl for YEARS. Gayla Trail's relaxed, approachable gardening style is irresistible. Here's a fun project for you and the kids — start seeds inside empty toilet paper rolls! Directions and details at You Grow Girl.

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    That is very cool. My girls are really getting into gardening – it is part of our homeschool* Friday program I’ve decided to use my husband and daughters old shoes as plant pots, plus I’ve nailed some crocs to the back fence to use as hanging planters. It is autumn here now but I can totally see us in Spring start off seeds in toilet rolls to move on into old shoes. Thank you :-)

    *as an aside our wonderful school allows us to mainstream there 4 days a week and homeschool 1 day, my daughter loves it and i’m loving that she is less anxious and more happy.

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    Thanks for the link! We have an abundance of toilet rolls here (saved for crafting activities that rarely seem to make it off the ground – except for our toilet roll flower attempt), so this will be a great way to use them up AND start work on our garden :)