The Sharpie Sex Change


It's a tiny hack, but that photo is worth a thousand words. And thank you, Vanessa, not only for pointing it out, but for letting me snag the post title I'm sure you were dying to use yourself.


  1. Streamlined Girl says

    I also did this on some princess toothpaste for my son. The flavor he wanted was only available in princess packaging, so we just put facial hair and pirate eye-patches on the princesses using a sharpie.

  2. says

    I used a blue sharpie to turn the pink mane of a horse purplish blue once. Thought I could convince my boys that pink is not just for girls, but that barely lasted until they could talk.

  3. says

    Awesome. We have some sunscreen that smells like cookies and is pink, sparkly, and proudly says GIRLS… still trying to figure out how to change it before my pink-phobic 5YO catches on.