Road trip playlist: choose songs everyone knows by heart

Speaking of road trip entertainment, Lisa S. sent me this lovely hack a long time ago, and it has been waiting patiently in the queue till today!

For a recent road trip, the Husband made a CD full of tunes that we all know by heart. It's amazing how fast time passes as we travel along, everyone singing loudly and half out of tune.

Tips for creating playlists:

  • Keep the vocals in the tenor/alto range.
  • Include a variety of musical styles.
  • Make it music everyone enjoys, including especially the adults.

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  1. jessica says

    yes, many a car trip singing the Beach Boys…we all loved it…maybe if I start playing them now, my girls will know the songs by the time we do a long road trip!

  2. Cindy L. says

    Ha ha…great tip. I do this for the ride to day care in the mornings! Beats having to DJ individual tracks on my iPhone – and much safer too!

  3. Vlad the Impala says

    That sounds like a great idea! We did try to sing several of our favorite silly songs at a high volume, but the bus driver made us stop.


  4. says

    Ha! We do this very thing with our iPod by creating different playlists that can be switched up in the car. So much fun and yes it does make the time go by much faster!