Make a photo collage of your kid’s facial expressions

Photo collage


Gorgeous idea from Chris at catalog your kid's emotional states and facial expressions in the form of a photo collage. Thank you, @IrishGirl, for passing along the link!


  1. SusanG says

    Picasa has a really nice collage tool. I used it to make a collage of my kids’ first years – one photo a month. It has really neat options available, different layouts, colors. It also has face-recognition, so it lets you assign names to faces that it has found in your pictures and from there you can instantly create your collage.

  2. Jessica says

    Smilebox is an great, easy way to make collages (and scrapbooks and all kinds of things). You download the program here ( and then it’s free to use online (and a couple of dollars to print). Fun!

  3. says

    Isobel loves looking at photos of babies’ faces, any baby’s face will do, even her own. I bet she’d love something like this. Also, as My Kids Mom mentioned, a great way to talk about feelings and empathy.

  4. Rachel says

    I made a beautiful collage of different parts of my sons’ face. As a baby, we could never get a “great” shot because his hand would be blocking an eye, or the drool would detract from the smile, etc. So, I took the photos that were great, well-focused shots and different angles of his bright eyes, his button nose, cute little ears, and precious smile. I cropped to the “focus” feature and adjusted them all to black and white. I arranged the photos and added a caption with his name, date of birth, and “Face of an angel.” So cute! That is still my favorite photo of him. I don’t know why I haven’t thought to do a new version now that he’s a toddler!

  5. says

    Making a collage in Photoshop involves using a different layer for each image and adding special effects, such as feathered edges and translucency. Add interest to a basic photo collage with help from an experienced graphic designer and illustrator in this free video on using Photoshop.