Reuse Ziploc bags as self-sealing car trash bags

Ziploc freezer bags

I'm a Ziploc bag-washer. I just can't bear to throw out those freezer-weight bags when they've only been used once. Problem is, some bags rinse more cleanly than others. For those bags that really shouldn't do double-duty with food, I store them in the car to act as self-sealing trash bags. That way, when my […]

“Head Snuggler” keeps sleepy baby heads from flopping


via Sherri passed along this link to a review for an "oddy but goodie": a stretchy thingie that keeps your sleeping baby's head from flopping around in the stroller. Hm. Read the entire review at

Parent Hacks admin: Fits and starts, but good ones!

Traffic light

Well, hello! As you may have noticed, posting last week was in fits and starts (mostly fits). Progress continues on managing my new schedule as a work-at-home and home-schooling parent, but it's far from linear. Some weeks I'm on top of the world, and others, I'm scraping to get dinner on the table. But while […]

MyLifeScoop: Track your kid’s allowance online

I've got money on the brain, and I'm still thinking about the great conversation we had here last week about paying kids for household jobs. Tangentially related, in my next post at the Intel-sponsored site MyLifeScoop, I talk about how my kids' weekly allowance distribution is now a whole lot easier with the help of […]



via Marita mentioned her Crocs hanging garden in the comments of the toilet roll seed holder post and there was NO WAY I could resist sharing it with all of you. What better way to reuse a single Croc (or, in Marita's case, a hated pair)? Click through to see her entire shoe garden! […]