Garage sale creamers make good pour-it-yourself milk pitchers

Creamer Often, encouraging kids to be independent means giving them the simple tools to do so. Breakfast-making is the perfect example. My daughter is perfectly capable of pouring her own cereal. But reaching the bowls and hefting the gallon milk jug? Not yet.

For the bowl problem: I got an IKEA plate stacker which I now keep on the table. (Alternative, stack the bowls in a low kitchen cabinet.)

For the milk, I pour a single-serving amount into a large creamer I picked up at a garage sale for a quarter. If I remember, I do this in the evening so she can grab the milk out of the fridge in the morning. She loves to pour, I love to get out of the way as she makes her own breakfast.

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    My daughter now insists on pouring the milk herself using a pitcher. I have been keeping an eye out for a cheap pitcher that will be specifically for kid-use.

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    My son can now pour the milk on his own, but we used to leave kids-sized cups with milk for him. I like the idea of a small pitcher though!