Amazon deal: Trumpette Mary Jane baby socks 53% off

Trumpette Mary Jane socks Not the most important problem, but one I recall all the same: when my daughter was 8-12 months old (pre-walking), I rarely put shoes on her. Because, why? The only time this was an issue was when she was dressed up. A cute dress + socks just looked odd. If I had a pair of Robeez that matched, we were good, but often we didn't (they were too expensive to get in lots of colors).

When she turned a year old, she got some of these socks as a gift. They were more of a laugh than anything, but they ended up filling the shoe "need" quite nicely for those few months before she started walking. They're cute, and have a non-slip tread.

Amazon's got Trumpette Mary Jane socks on sale for over half off right now ($16.34 $15.89 for a box of six pair…the price went down a bit the day after I posted this). They're listed as sized for 1-2 years, but they run small so I think they'd be fine for younger babies. Adorable gift idea, too.

Discount good through May 15, but they'll probably run out before then.