Reuse inexpensive knit stretch gloves as kids’ gardening gloves

Stretch gloves From Pam, who, like me, takes a while to put away those winter clothes. (To be fair, some days it still feels like winter in Portland.) I love this idea!

It's officially Spring and I've been meaning to put away the big box of winter clothes. My 3 year-old daughter and I were outside last night planting some flowers and she wanted a pair of gardening gloves to be like mama. She loves to help in the garden and I have looked for gardening gloves for her, but I haven't found any the right size. I hit upon using a pair of her thin stretch gloves as her gardening gloves – you know the kind…the cheap ones you can find at the dollar store. Her hands weren't too warm and they were protected from the dirt and rocks. She thought she looked pretty cool too.

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  1. Steph says

    These gloves are also great for small children who want to help wash dishes. Obviously not your fine china, but their dishes or tupperware type containers. And of course this doesnt necessarily apply to those with dishwasher appliances.
    Make sure the gloves are clean, then put them on your child. Squirt a small amount of dishsoap on the glove, dip in water, and let them go to town!
    They get a little pruny after a bit, but my kids think it’s funny…