“Head Snuggler” keeps sleepy baby heads from flopping

via www.yoyomama.ca

Sherri passed along this link to a review for an "oddy but goodie": a stretchy thingie that keeps your sleeping baby's head from flopping around in the stroller. Hm. Read the entire review at Yoyomama.ca.

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  1. Best Dad Ever says

    I sleep in the car all the time and make my wife drive. I need one of these for me. Let the kids fend for themselves!

  2. Brigitte says

    I could have used that when my twins were newborns. I couldn’t hold my own head up most of the time for the first month or two. That would be super useful on an airplane too! :-)

  3. AM says

    I wonder if that would’ve come in handy and saved us a ton in money/dr.visits/stress when my infant had torticollis and physical therapy didn’t seem to help. His condition caused him to sleep with his head in one position only, made his head “lopsided,” and resulted in a plagiocephaly helmet.