Turn old lingerie into comfort blankies and hankies

slip.jpgSarah's sweet idea for reusing old (but still silky) slips and nighties works for any nicely-textured fabric you've got sitting around:

Old slip? Don't trash it…wash it and then give it to your child as a comfort blankie. My son loves textures and especially likes the soft material to rub against his cheek while falling asleep.

Or…cut it into a square and use it as a hanky–my son's little nose will appreciate this. Just wash it and use it again. (I just thought of this one–since we are all suffering from spring allergies.)

I LOVE this idea. My kids are both texture hounds, and yet it's easy to forget about the simple tactile pleasure kids get out of favorite toys.

(Here's the hack as it originally appeared on Sarah's blog.)

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  1. Eina says

    This also works well for deployed spouses/significant others. If your is anything like my husband, he’s just like the kids in being a texture hound.
    And if you get ambitious, you could always sew several together to make a pillowcase or small blanket (complete with batting and back covering of a different texture).

  2. Pam says

    I take old onesies that are too stained to pass on, find a clean square, cut it out and use it as a cloth diaper wipe – works great, and oh so soft.

  3. says

    I use a lot of worn clothes for a lot of re-purposed purposes, and in many cases, no one ever need know.

    I did the “onesies into wipes” that Pam mentioned above; and now do t-shirts, socks, underwear, you name it into hankies, wipies (still one in diapers), and family cloth. Old towels I serge into smaller squares for kitchen “un-paper towels”. The boys’ outgrown or worn out jeans often find new life converted into a skirt…

    We’re all about recycling/upcycling/reusing stuff as much as we can.

  4. says

    We were given a metric truckload of those tiny little baby washcloths, which we never used for their intended purpose, but have become a stack of re-usable “not paper towels” in the kitchen for cleaning up toddler messes. They also work great as hankies. The great things is that they are stained to oblivion, but we don’t care because WE know they’re clean and they basically don’t leave our kitchen (or pocket).