Store diaper disposal bags in an empty tissue box

Tissue Nancy's hack is a recycling dynamo — reusing plastic bags and tissue boxes at the same time!

In the April issue of Real Simple, I read a great hack – use empty tissue boxes to store plastic bags.  I realized I could easily combine this with a hack I read about on Parent Hacks that we have been using for years now – use newspaper bags to store dirty diapers.  We double fold them to contain the odor and then throw them right in the trash – no need for a diaper pail of any kind and even the stinkiest diapers do not permeate the double layer of plastic.

So now I use empty tissue boxes to store the newspaper bags instead of keeping them in a drawer in the bedroom.  We also use the newspaper bags to pick up after the dog, and will keep another box of them near the back door.

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  1. holly says

    I’m sure that’s great for containing stink… but do y’all really not flush the poo??

  2. Nicole Kraemer says

    Flushing poo only works if it’s solid enough to get out of the diaper. Breast-milk poop is so liquidy you can’t flush it.

  3. Lori says

    Similarly we use the empty plastic wipes containers to store plastic grocery bags. We use the bags for diapers, kitty litter clean outs and liners for bathroom/bedroom garbage cans! Great hack!

  4. says

    I assume most people know this already, but you can use the pop-up plastic container for diaper wipes as a tissue box for the car. Just fill it 3/4 of the way or else the tissues won’t pop up. The boxes in our car always got crushed up but this keeps it neat.

  5. Jayme says

    I also use the plastic grocery bags for packing material when shipping packages. They are very lightweight, pad fragile items extremely well, and I always have some on hand. Thanks for the hack, I’ve been trying to think of somewhere to store them besides the kitchen cabinet!

  6. says

    I use an empty tissue box to get rid of my dryer lint. It doesn’t take up much space on my laundry room shelf, doesn’t get caught on stuff (like a grocery bag used to), and is essentially being recycled. Works great!